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Our early intervention group is where our little ones learning journey begins. We create an environment that allows each child to have access to learning opportunities.

How do we achieve this? Our goal is to draw up programmes based on your child’s specific needs and create positive teaching environments that allow your child to be their best.

  • The programme

Your child will have their own individual programme based on our initial assessment of their skills and deficits across all areas of their development. We use the ABLLS (The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) as an assessment tool, which is updated every six months.

  • The method of teaching

We teach the way your child learns. The instructions we give, the materials we use, our teaching method, are all tailored to your child’s needs creating the best learning environment for them.

  • The environment, we arrange the physical environment to enhance your child’s learning experience and accelerate their learning.
  • Our Behaviour Technicians, we have a high staff ratio to children, allowing each child to have one on one teaching time with their various Behaviour Technicians.

Some of our teaching tools? Our goal is to ensure success and a positive learning experience for all our children.

  • Deficit Skills

The aim of the programme is to teach deficit skills. What prevents a child from learning and mastering a skill?

  • Reiforcers

We are big on reinforcers, not only does it increase the likely occurrence of your child being motivated to participate, it makes learning FUN! Our children love it and making learning a positive experience. We do not make use of punitive measures.

  • Errorless learning

Our focus is on teaching and demonstrating, giving your child the opportunity to practise and master a skill before they are expected to complete the skill independently.

  • Baby steps 

All our skills are broken into smaller manageable steps, taught, and then chained together into a more complex sequence of behaviours.

  • Visuals

All our lessons are supported by visual cues, making learning not dependent on the understanding of language, allowing all our children access to information.


Our program? Positive teaching is a gradual educational process for behaviour change involving systematic instruction in more effective ways of behaving.

  • Receptive and expressive language, assigning meaning and substituting communicative means
  • Social skills, substituting more socially appropriate behaviour
  • Play, with peers and toys
  • Self help, increasing their independence
  • Academic Skills, numeracy and literacy
  • Generalisation of skills mastered, functional application of skills learnt

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