We are an Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy centre specialising in Autism, Asperges Syndrome, language and global developmental delays, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, visual impairment and other challenges.

TRIAD was started by Paola Reggiani and Melanie Harding in 2002, who, at the time, held full time jobs at a near-by centre working with children with Autism and other challenges. TRIAD Behaviour Consultants began operation as a part time organisation due to the love and passion they had for children on the autistic spectrum. Paola and Melanie worked on an extremely small scale working from Paola’s house in the afternoons, evenings and on weekends to consult with clients on a 1:1 basis, researching intervention strategies and therapies for children with autism and to put strategies in place for the effective future running of TRIAD.

It was during this time of research for intervention strategies that they came across Applied Behaviour Analysis. This quickly became another great passion for Paola and Melanie. They immediately saw the amazing benefits and opportunities for children on the autistic spectrum and for other developmental delays. This would provide for their need to reach out and serve a much greater community and improve the lives of many more children.

Paola and Melanie resigned their full time posts at the end of 2005 to work full time for TRIAD.

It was at this stage that Paola and Melanie took a trip to the United States of America to visit Applied Behaviour Consultants Inc. in Sacramento, California. A.B.C Inc. is run by Dr. Joseph Morrow (who studied under B.F Skinner) and Ms Brenda Terzich. Paola and Melanie had the privilege of undergoing extensive and intensive training in Applied Behaviour Analysis with Dr Morrow and Ms Terzich in both theory and practical. Paola and Melanie left A.B.C. Inc. with their assurance of continued assistance and support in setting up a similar setting in South Africa. A.B.C. Inc. has spent the last 7 years working hand in hand with TRIAD, offering their full support, knowledge and training. A.B.C. Inc has aided us in offering highly effective and comprehensive intervention to our children. We continue to maintain a good working relationship with Dr. Morrow and his team.

In 2006, TRIAD had grown so much, and was still growing, that Paola’s house couldn’t accommodate any more children than it already had. It was then that 6 Sanderson Road in Cowies Hill Park became the permanent home of TRIAD. Paola and Melanie had just become pioneers in the South African field of autism for opening the first school-based early intervention centre of its kind in South Africa. Paola and Melanie’s dreams were becoming realised. They were finally able to set up their centre and could base their centre on the set up they had seen at A.B.C. Inc. in Sacramento. In 2007 and 2008 Paola and Melanie completed courses in Behaviour Analysis through the University of North Texas, USA.


Our therapy centre continued to grow and thrive at a startling rate. Parents were seeking help from Pinetown, Kloof, Amanzimtoti, Verulum, Umhlanga Rocks, Tongaat, Zululand and even as far afield as Nigeria. The demand for services particularly in the Zululand area was so great that in 2009 we opened a second branch of TRIAD in Richards Bay. We are proud to say that our intervention strategies were so successful that of the 6 children that originally started with us in Richards Bay, 5 went into mainstream school placements. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we closed the doors of our Richards Bay branch at the end of 2012.


As the demand for services has been growing and news of our services has spread we have had inquiries and opportunities that have been presented to us to open more branches in other areas.

At the start of 2013 we were really excited to open a branch of TRIAD in Pietermaritzburg. This new branch is growing and flourishing under the guidance of Paola.


We have, to date, had approximately 100 children come through our doors ranging in ages from 18 months to 27 years of age. Approximately 70% of our Early Intervention children have been successfully integrated into the mainstream schooling system and we have set up numerous home based programs and classroom based programs that stretch across KZN.

To achieve our dream of reaching out to as many children with Autism as possible we have trained and continue to train parents, facilitators, carers, educators and other professionals on autism awareness, behaviour management in the home setting, positive behaviour support in the classroom setting, classroom strategies, preventative strategies, advancement and development of social and play skills, oral desensitisation for fussy eaters and on how to potty train.

We are very proud to have been such an integral part of the pioneering of intervention for children with Autism in South Africa and we are looking forward to further exciting developments in the world of Autism and other challenges.