KZN Kids Care is a residential centre for children with special needs, which can accommodate 6 children at one time, from ages 3 months up. The residential centre was started because of our belief that all children with special needs have the right to:

  • lead happy, fulfilling lives
  • have a good sense of self worth
  • develop their full potentials in a loving, stimulating environment
  • become independent and
  • be integrated into society.


What serves do we offer?


Residential care, our aim is to provide your child with:

A home environment, where they can be given individual attention and be part of our daily chores as a family.

A therapeutic routine, where they are taught daily living skills, which will allow them to become independent adults.

An environment, which promotes communication through hands on activities and experience, enabling a child to use communication constructively.

Opportunities for play and exploration so that children can learn about themselves, people and concepts.

Exposure to participate in activities that they can achieve giving them a strong sense of self-worth.

Activities outside the home, which facilitate their integration into society.

A healthy diet, so that their bodies function at their optimal level.


Our residential care centre places a strong emphasis on building a relationship with each child, (they are part of our family) and they are not only cared for, but shown love and respect. The children are encouraged to become active participants in their lives.


Respite Care

Caring for children with special needs is labour intensive and more than a full time job for parents, placing immense strain on the family unit. Families become isolated because they become fatigued, with no free time. They are also often being excluded from normal settings due to social or behavioural constraints. The Respite Care Facility gives families the opportunity to leave their children in an environment where they not only receive the special care they need, but also participate in activities outside their usual routine. Respite Care gives parents much needed rest and recovery from stress, enabling them to better care for their children once reunited. Respite care offers the family a support system, which enables them to remain a family unit.


Behaviour Plans

Aim? Reduce interfering behaviours to increase the mastery of new functional skills. Reduce harmful behaviours facilitating your child’s integration within their families and society.


Children who display harmful behaviours to self, others and their environment become more and more isolated as they grow older, eventually being confined to their homes or institutions. Teaching functionally alternative behaviours through behaviour plans, routines and positive reinforcement children can remain part of their family, gain a positive self-image and lead fulfilling lives. Parents are offered training and support so that they are able to continue with the program at home.


Home programs for Parents

Parents or child’s facilitator receive hands on training on Behaviour Management, setting up Daily Routines, teaching Everyday Life Skills and Communication Skills, setting up Leisure Activities for your child. A child with their parent or facilitator resides with us during the period of their training receiving hands on experience. We continue to provide on-going support within the home environment guaranteeing the success of the home based program.