Our little ones graduate from the Bumble Bees to the Tweenies. The Tweenies is our bridging class between the Early Intervention and Grade R.

We teach? The goal is to prepare your child for a classroom environment, still applying ABA Classroom Strategies

  • Group skills, participating in group activities and referencing information from both their peers and teachers
  • Receptive Language, continue developing their understanding of language and increase vocabulary.
  • Expressive Language, develop language skills within the context of communicating their needs, commenting, requesting help etc. and social interaction with both peers and adults
  • Classroom Activities, for example, skills that allow your child to progress within a classroom environment, like independent task completion, taking care of ones possessions, collecting and packing away resources, following group instructions, staying on task, sharing of ideas
  • Deficit Skills, continue to teach, assess individual skills and deficits. Your child will have an individual programme and one on one time with their Behaviour Technician.
  • Academic Skills, continue teaching academic skills based on the skills they have already mastered in the Bubble Bees group.